Poppy's Place!

This is where I will post pics of nursery progress and projects!

Nursery Before:

Daddy showing off the crib after we assembled it (yes, he looks like a giant. The crib is normal sized, I swear):

DIY Pinwheel Mobile:

Alphabet Wall:

Jack and Jill went up the hill....vintage light switch cover:

Last night my dad came over and helped me hang everything on the walls and install the bookshelves. I am so grateful for his help! I was very anxious to get everything set in place, and it finally is. Yay for Poppy! Here are some pics as of this week (11/27):

I am a frugal mamma and doing a lot of the projects for the nursery myself, so I thought it would be fun to keep track of exactly how much we spent making Poppy's place perfect :) Here is the breakdown:

Paint: $32
Carpet: $65 (it pays to be in the business!)
Crib: gift from Nonna and Grandpa
Dresser: $40, garage sale
Changing Table: $50, craigslist
Vintage High Chair: gift from Nonna and Grandpa
Raggedy Ann: mine from when I was little
Bambi Lamp: gift from Uncle Sal
Window Cornice: $25 for DIY kit
Cornice and Bedskirt Fabric: $24
Pompom Mobile: $10.00 (2 martha stewart pompom kits)
Pinwheel Mobile: $8/paper, $4.50 for ribbon, $1.50 for hook = $14
Fabric Circle Wall Art and Bunting: $17 for fabric and hooks
Alphabet Wall: $4 for cardstock (printed at home), $5 for twine, $3 for clotheshooks, so $12 total
Book Shelves: rain gutter $5, end pieces: $10, fasteners: 10 so $25 total 
Switch Plate Cover: $10 on ebay
Outlet covers: $.50/each plus leftover paper from mobile = $1.50/3

Total so far: $289.50