Friday, April 13, 2012

Grow, Baby Grow

Our baby girl is 10 weeks old today. TEN WEEKS! Time, please stand still. Pretty, pretty please. I go back to work in two weeks. I am in complete denial and refuse to think about it. The longest I have been away from Gia is a few hours. I will be gone about 7 hours when I go back to work. I realize it could be worse. Also, I go back April 30th-June 15th, and then have the summer off. But oh how I dread being away from my baby. I love her so much. She is perfection. Everything she does is amazing and wonderful and miraculous. Watching her change and grow and learn every day, hour, minute, second is such a gift. She is no longer a cute little blob. She is more and more away of her surroundings every day. I love watching her react to other people. Yes, it's awesome everytime she flashes me a smile, but seeing her smile at family and friends melts my heart every time. She is lover. 
Gia loves her playmat. Sometimes I get a little jealous of the lion and giraffe hanging from it, as she gives them the most loving googly eyes and coos at them with such gusto. She also lover her Belle doll, and will kick and squeal at the mere sight of the thing. 
Another one of Gia's favorite pasttimes is sucking on her hands. She started this about 2 weeks ago and it was a blast watching her discover her hands and stare at them, cross-eyed, as she brought them to her mouth. They are pretty delicious, as far as she is concerned. 
We had our Two Month Well Check last week, and Gia is 13 pounds, and about 24 1/2 inches long. Many of her pants now look like floods, and her 0-3 month sleepers no longer fit. 
So far she seems to take after Daddy in three major ways: She loves to sleep. Daddy still has to have a nap every day, and Gia takes several long naps a day, and sleeps straight through the night from 8-10 hours. She also loves to eat, just like Daddy! Every two hours she is looking for the boob, unless of course she decides to take an extra long nap. And my girl can cut the cheese like no one else. The other day she thought it would be funny to blow a ripe one in my face while I was changing her diaper. It stunk just as bad as Daddy's. Lucky me.
Here's my girl today, 10 weeks old:
  Here she is on Monday, representing Daddy's favorite team:

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