Thursday, November 17, 2011

3/4 of the way there...

30 Weeks today. Wow! How the?! What the?! When the?!

That's right folks, 30 weeks down and only 10 to go. Went to the OB yesterday and she said any time after 36 weeks is safe to deliver. OMG. That's only SIX WEEKS away. 
We got to hear Poppy's heartbeat, and it was a strong 168. Wanna hear it?!:
Best. Sound. Ever. 

OB said I am measuring big and Poppy was in the 75th percentile for size at 24 weeks ultrasound, so we get to go and see him/her hanging out in the ute next week. Yay. 

Movement has increased and this little one is not shy about letting me know what's up. I love it. Big rolls and bumps and thumps all day long. I'm really going to miss this feeling. Even though it's getting to the point where it sometimes hurts a little and causes discomfort. Yeah, I feel like a weirdo when the baby jabs me in the ribs and I jump in my seat. But my students aren't phased. As grandma says, "What the heck do THEY know, anyway." 

I wore tall boots with a high wedge heel to work today over my leggings. I felt pretty and not frumpy. It is now 7pm and my feet are still throbbing and my back is broken. I mean really, it must literally be broken to feel this way. Conclusion: I'd rather sport the portly pregnant frump look than endure the pain that comes with heels. Yeah, the height makes me look 10 pounds lighter, but at this point, who am I trying to fool. hahahaha. 

So what's going on with Poppy? Well, at 30 weeks the baby should be about 3 pounds (i'm guessing ours is a bit more, based on what the dr. said) and almost 16 inches. I can feel the 3 pounds, that makes sense. But 16 inches?! That kind of blows my mind. No wonder I feel kicks right under boobs and right above my crotch at the same time!

OK, off to do some nursery crafts. Thanks for checking in! xo

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