Saturday, December 17, 2011

34 weeks 2 days, which means...

40 days until our due date! That's just under 6 weeks. I am praying this little one does not want to hide in mommy's ute past his/her due date. Not because of the discomfort, but because I want to meet this baby! It's killing me!! Boy, girl, bald, hairy, fat, skinnny, stubborn like daddy or perfect like mommy (ha!). Seriously, the curiosity is getting to be overwhelming. 

Newest symptoms: swelling and severe heartburn. and hot flashes. i've had them before but not to this extent. I really shouldn't complain about the swelling, it's not too grotesque and not consistent. But when it happend by hands and feet burn like a mutha. I am still able to wear my wedding and engagement rings comfortably, but I did finally take the sizer off the engagement ring (which made it about a half size smaller). I purposely didn't have it sized down even though it's a bit large for the purpose of being able to wear it throughout my pregnancy (and after). We'll see how things go for the next 6 weeks :)

So everything I've read says I would probably feel decreased movement beginning about last week. Um, no. I feel it more than ever. Poppy has moved up and booty pops me right in the sternum Thanks for the love, Pops. Not sure (s)he is still in transverse position, as I am feeling huccups way up high under my right boob. I'm baffaled. Please don't be breech, baby. Pretty please?!

I have now gained 30 pounds, and I really only want to gain about 5 more. Seeing as how Pops is probably going to gain at least another 3-5 pounds in the next 6 weeks, this is going to be a challenge. Being in your last few weeks of pregnancy during the holidays is cruel. Nomnomnomnomnom. 

Here are few of the pics from my maternity photo shoot with cousin Ken. He did a wonderful job, especially considering this was his first time doing maternity pics (besdies for his beautiful wife, of course!)

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