Sunday, December 4, 2011


32 Weeks down, 8 to go. Baby is about the size of a honeydew, around 17 inches long and 4-4 1/2 pounds. 
Our ultrasound last week confirmed that poppy is in transverse position, which basically means (s)he is hanging out sideways in my ute. I was so excited when the ultrasound tech told us poppy's position, because I already knew exactly how baby was hanging out. I felt like such a proud mommy for knowing my baby's butt from his/her head in utero. Visual aide:
Poppy's legs are not curled up like in this picture though. Oh no. They are stretched out and those little feet are getting plenty of exercise kicking mommy in the ribs. Hard. It's all good. Poppy also likes to booty pop and rump shake quite often, making for an interesting show from the outside as my belly pops and shakes. Boy or girl, this child takes after mama...Baby Got Back. 
So I am now convinced that Poppy is a boy. Don't ask why, I just have a 'feeling'. I had a dream that is was so, and in my dream I was really sad because I had my heart set on a girl (in my DREAM I felt that way). Ever since I woke up from that dream, I've felt certain there's a penis in my belly. We'll know soon!
In other news, I discovered my first stretch marks this week. On my breasteses. Yippee. They're utterly beautiful...
Today was our shower and it was a lovely day. I'll post on it later this week, with pics. In the meantime, mama has some leftover cupcakes to 'put away' and some maxin and chillaxin to do. Ciao for now!

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