Sunday, January 1, 2012

I love Poppy's Daddy

I love my husband. We've had a wonderful holiday break together. It has really sunk in that these are our last few weeks (could even be days!) as 'just the two of us'. Looking back it seems crazy that we have only had 3 months as husband and wife before Poppy came into our lives. Luckily, we've known one another since elementary school, so we don't really have any lost time ;)
We've spent the last few days prepping for Poppy, and it has been quite enjoyable and given us confidence in the fact that we are able to be a team, strong and united, for Poppy. We're both working hard to make sure the house in tip-top shape for baby's arrive, and Andy's support of my nesting is a huge relief. Thanks honey, I love you! He's going to be a wonderful, loving, affectionate daddy. 
Wanna see some of what we did?! Too bad, I'm going to show you anyway :)
Yesterday we deep cleaned the living and dining rooms, and decluttered. It felt SOOOOOOO GOOD to get rid of all the extra crap in every nook and cranny. Here's the living room, ready for baby!

Pack n Play in one corner, swing in the other! I was going to put the pack in play in our room, but now I am considering the Fisher Price Rock n Play, since every new mommy I know raves about it. 
We also put the Snap n Go together and practiced putting the car seat in it, folding it up, etc. I pushed it around the house for a good 5 minutes, it was so much fun! I got a kick out watching Andy practice looked so miniature next to him! 

I also gave the fridge a good scrub down and got rid of all the old expired condiments, etc. That felt really, really good. Rotten mayo, begone! Then I cleaned out the music studio/office, replacing the leaning tower of books with the cube bookshelf that was previously in our room, and moved the dresser that was in the loft into out room. So I think all furniture that needed to be moved is finally in it's designated spot! Woohoo. I also caught up on my laundry, and washed those last few baby items. Phew. I feel like if Pops came tomorrow, we'd be prepared. Well, as prepared as possible. So there, birds! I'll see your nest and raise you a whole damn house! 

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