Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How are you feeeeeeling?!

How are you feeling? This is the #1 question people ask you when you are pregnant. I am happy to answer today with a solild "Wonderful!". That, however, was so not the case a few weeks ago.
The first few weeks I felt like someone was slipping nyquil in my water bottle. Exhaustion would hit me like a mac truck. I took up camp in my bed. I would bring water, saltines, cell phone, laptop, books, magazines, and settle into bed for the night the moment I got home from work (anywhere from 2-4pm). Andy would get home from work, "You're in bed AGAIN?". "You're in bed ALREADY?" He would look disappointed that he had once again lost his wife to the king size mattress. Sorry honey, I am growing an arm today, and reaching for my water bottle is really taking all of the energy I can muster.
Then there was the morning sickness. When you see it on TV and in movies, it appears that women are going about their day, honky dory, when all of the sudden the run to the bathroom and barf. They then return to the scene good as new. Um, not. It went more like this. Wake up, brush teeth and gag repeatedly. Sit down with a bowl of rice krispies. Put a spoonful in your mouth, try not to gag. Chew as slowly as possible, swish around in mouth, force yourself to swallow. This happened at most meals for about 6 weeks. Occasionally I would get ravenously hungry and something in particular (spaghetti, anyone!) would sound delicious. I would eat like a pig, relieved to be enjoying food like a normal person. An hour later, my stomach was gurgling, I was sweating, it was ugly. Then there was the time I braved the grocery store. Gagged in aisle 1, gagged in aisle 2, gagged at checkout. Not fun. I never knew it was possible to gag so many times in a row without actaully barfing. But it is! I only actually ever barfed once.
Everyone said, "Don't worry, you should start to feel better once you get to the second trimeseter.". Yeah, right. I was convinced I would never be able to eat like a normal person again, never be able to cook a delicious meal, sit down with my husband and actaully enjoy it. To my delight, I was wrong! Around 10 weeks I began to ocassionally feel better. And at 12 1/2 weeks, I woke up with a burst of evergy and insatiable appetite. Yay! Thank you poppy!
Now the peeing every 10 minutes is still in full effect. But I can deal with that.
I can deal with it all, as a matter of fact. Because I'm growing a person. And it's neato.

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