Monday, July 25, 2011

Mommy Big Mouth

I have a big mouth. When it comes to my own personal life, that is. But I promised my husband that we would keep poppy a secret for a least until I went to the doctor to confirm things. Yeah, right. I am quite proud to say, however, that I lasted four day. FOUR DAYS! That's a long time in mommy-to-be land. On Thursday my darling husband, seeing the anxiety in my eyes, agreed to let me tell my parents. I needed mommy and daddy's support. Plus, I couldn't wait to tell them that they are going to GRANDPARENTS! They have been wanting this for a long time. What a gift to be able to give! So I called my mom on Thursday, May 19th and told her to stop by because I had found something for her at a garage sale. She and dad happened to be in the car not far from my house, so they stopped by a few minutes later. My eyes were bugging out of my head as we made small talk. Then I handed her a plastic kroger bag (I had to make it look like it was from a garage sale, right?!) and handed her this:

She looked at it, read it, held it up to her chest (as if she were going to wear it??) and looked confused. Dad smiled and gave me a knowing look. I looked at mom with super-bug eyes and nodded, as if to say "I'M PREGNANT YOU IDIOT!" and started to cry. Dad jumed up and down (literally) and gave me a big hug. Mom said "No you're not. NO YOU'RE NOT!". She walked toward me like a zombie. "No you're not" she kept repeating. I was somewhat frightened. I had imagined joy, laughter, tears. Mom was in shock. Dad was ecastatic. About 2 days later she snapped out of and it and realized it really was true. And we began to celebrate. 
I told only my closest friends and family over the next week or two. And finally, at 13 weeks, I made the big announcement to the whole facebook friends, that is. What a relief to let my big secret out. And what a joy to share our excitment with the world :) 
So poppy, let it be known. Your mommy has a big mouth. She gets it from Nonna. I am going to apologize for it right now, but I can't promise that it will ever change. Hopefully you'll love me for it. XO

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