Thursday, October 13, 2011

My perfect eggplant

25 weeks today, and Poppy is about the size of an eggplant! 
The third trimester exhaustion everyone describes is beginning to set in, but it is different from the first tri exhaustion. Basically, I feel huge, heavy, swollen and like I got hit by a car at about 3pm every day. This lasts until go to bed. Today I discovered the miracle of the heating pad on my back. Ahhhhh, sweet relief. I have also been doing a prenatal yoga video in the mornig before work and it helps relieve some of the general body aches and pains. 
Poppy is growing bigger and stronger every she gave Nonna a healthy kick! Looks like she knows who is going to spoil her already ; )
25 weeks passed mean only 15 weeks left to go...whoa! We are going to register for the shower this weekend. Woo-hoo! I am rather excited. The nuresery is painted, and the crib should arrive any day. I've collected odds and ends and can't wait to start decorating the nursery. The nesting instinct is starting to hit!
I had an ultrasound in my gallbladder and some bloodwork, and got great news today - no gallstones! The Dr. thinks the pain I've been experiencing is more related to my reflux issues. He wants me to take Zantac for a week and see if it helps. This is a Class B drug. I have mixed feelings about taking it. I have come this far with taking only 2 tylenol and round of antibiotics (for a UTI) my entire pregnancy. I wish I could make it through the next 15 weeks without taking anything else. We'll see. Just relieved it's not the gallbladder. 
Here is another pic of what a 25-week-old baby looks like chillin in the ute:
Sweet, precious baby <3

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