Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our very own Cupie Doll

We had an ultrasound today! SO MUCH FUN watching Poppy hang out in the ute, especially now that I can see and feel the kicks and movements in synch. Neato! I always thought I would cry at ultrasounds, but I just end up giggling in pure joy the entire time. Maybe that will happen during Labor and Delivery too.....??? Bahahahaha.
There is absolutely no denying that this is Andy's baby when you look at Poppy's photo shoot from today. That big, bulbous, cupie doll head came straight from Daddy. Here's Poppy, giving us the thumbs up that everything is A-OK in there!

Poppy weighs 1 pound and 11 ounces already...about 2 weeks ahead of average. Uh-oh, taking after Daddy again??? (He was a 10-pounder at birth!). The thought of popping that big round head out frightens me, I must admit. But the cupie resemblance makes me all the more excited to meet my real live doll. Check it out:

Hehehehehehe, still giggly and giddy. Love you, Poppy! (Or should we call you Cupie now?!)

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