Friday, August 19, 2011

Poppy, you make my eyes water.

Yesterday marked 17 weeks! Poppy is now the size of an onion. I've decided it's a sweet vidalia onion, like this one:
I love onions, they make most things taste delightfully sweet and spicy and delicious. And poppy makes life delicious too. Also, onions make my eyes water (when I chop them), and it turns out poppy makes my eyes water too. I woke up early this morning (actually, Andy woke me up when he got up for work by kissing my belly good morning), so of course I turned to TLC to watch A Baby Story. I've been crying my eyes out for the last 3 hours. Just the sight of a little nugget wrapped tightly in a blanket makes me sob. And to be honest, it feels really, really good. Better than chopping onions. 

So, back to nursery talk. Mom and I went to check out cribs this week, with little success. The search is on, and I am leaning toward the white spindle posted below. I would like to see it in person though, so we're working on that. I also have been researching some fun do-it-yourself projects for poppy's room. I want to make a mobile, and came across this lovely sight:

The stars are origami, and I love the idea of handpicking all of the fun paper. Not sure I love it on the twine, but I'm confident I can come up with a creative variation. The website I found it on was a lot of fun, and it turns out this mommy made it for her daughter named....wait for it...Gia! Gia is one of our top girl's names, so of course this MUST be some kind of a sign, right?! Actually, the little girl's full name is Giavanna, which I kind of love. I have never seen it spelled that way, but I looked it up and it's a legit form of Giovanna. My mom's name is JoAnn, and she was named after her grandmother, Giovanna. Hmmmmm, Father Leo says there are no coincidences in life. I think he's right ; )
OK, off to shower and lather up in sunblock - we're going to water park today and I can't wait to float in the lazy river with my love. 

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