Tuesday, August 2, 2011

in a white room...

Soooo, I got called back to work (yay) which means I only get to lay around the house dreaming about poppy for about 5 more weeks. Poor me. Anyway, I want to get started on the nursery before I go back to work...clean it out and paint it at the least. Yippee! I LOVE to decorate. It does, however, pose some problems because I can be very indecisive. And of course this is, like, the most important decision of my life.
I began by browsing the internet for nursery photos and ideas. And then my lovely friend kelly invited me to pinterest.com, which had all kinds of eye candy. I looked and browsed and thought and worried. I actually had dreams about the colors to use one night last week and woke up several times in a cold sweat. "Black, white and red?!" "Cobalt blue?!" Sheesh. What I am going to do when it comes time to choose poppy's preschool...ok, ok. One thing at a time. 
Anyway, I eventually came to the decision that I want to paint the nursery white and get all white furniture. This way I can add pops of color with the mobile, wall art, and fun antiquey/kitschy things that I find over the next 6 months. I am so excited! Here are some inspiration photos:

I love the spindle crib in this pic too:

Now I just need the motivation to clear out the room...

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