Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hi, I'm Poppy!

Today I am 18 weeks and 5 days old, and I love to show off. Some old lady put a magic wand on my mommy's belly and moved it all around. I tried telling her to stop by waving my hands in the air. See, here they are above my head:

She kept going with that wand, so I kicked my legs around and waved my hands some more. I think I heard my mommy giggling at me. She thinks I am cute and silly. I also heard Daddy, Nonna, Gramps and Meemaw describing everything I was doing. They called me "he" and "she". Get it right, people!

The old lady with the wand said I have 10 fingers, 10 toes, 2 arms, 2 legs, and nice strong spine. I guess that's all good. And I weigh about 10 ounces. Maybe that's why mommy keeps feeding me all this rice pudding and chips and salsa; so I'll keep on growing. Oh, the old lady also said that I was measuring at 19 weeks 3 days, so maybe I'll come 5 days ahead of my due date. Whatever! 

Here's another picture. My mom and dad keep staring at it, even though I don't think it's my best angle. I hope they don't embarrass me and go showing it to everyone they know!

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