Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back to Life

Back to reality. Well, more accurately, back to school. First week with students and wow, am I pooped! I figure it will take me about a month to get used to being on my feet all day. At which point I will have a slew of new pregnancy symptoms, and then it will take me a month to adjust to those and, well, you get the idea. Oh but it's all so worth it for our little Popster!
Today is reason for celebration, because at 20 weeks Poppy is officially Half Baked!!! I was planning to have some Ben & Jerry's to mark the occassion...

But alas, my gallbladder had other plans. I have been having some rather uncomfortable pain in my ribs for a few weeks now. I figured it was normal growing pains. Then I noticed a pattern, and it usually got worse after eating, especially at night. It would hurt so bad that I couldn't even lay on my side. I mentioned it to my mom, and told her it was especially bothersome on the right side. She told me to be careful, because it sounds like the pain she had with her gallbaldder, before she eventually had it removed. Bummer. Went to doc yesterday and sure enough, my gallbaldder hates my guts (no pun intended). His directions? No greasy or fatty foods, and no dairy. No dairy. NO DAIRY???? Does he not realize ice cream is dairy?! My diet has consisted largely of yogurt, cottage cheese, cereal with milk, glasses of delicious cold milk, and string cheese for the past 2 months. This is going to be tough. I am going to completely cut out the grease, but try to cut down on the dairy rather than cut it out completely. We shall see! I definitely don't want to have surgery to have the gallbaldder removed while pregnant.
Also, my belly rash returned. It occured both times after swimming in public pools in a bikini. Luckily I don't think I'll be doing that again any time soon, so hopefully this is last time the itch rears it's ugly head. Stupid sensitive skin.
I have gained 12 pounds (yikes!), and measured at 20 minches (which I guess it normal) and got to hear Poppy's heartbeat. It was 160 bpm again, and still the bestest sound ever. We also scheduled another ultrasound in a month, which is exciting because I had assumed this month's was our last. Can't wait to see baby dance again!
In other news, I am freaking out about our lack of progress on the nursery and our to do list before Poppy arrives. I think now that I'm back to work I am afraid I won't have time to get it all done. Or maybe the nesting instinct is setting in. Anyway, here is the list of to dos:

  • Clear out nursery
  • Paint nursery
  • Order crib and assemble
  • Choose carpet and have installed
  • Make mobile
  • Choose and purchase glider
  • Decorate! (thinking of making curtains, crib skirt and pillows myself)
  • Register for shower (this one is really big b/c there are SO many choices for every little thing)
  • Register for childbirth, newborn and breastfeeding classes
  • Do cloth diapering research and start buying them (also, SO MANY different choices!)
  • Take hospital tours and pre-register
  • Read Bradley Method book
  • Start doing kegel exercises
  • Clean the house like it's never been cleaned before
  • Take a chill pill
Oh, and convince my wonderful husband to help me with all of this. (I love you, honey!) I know it will all get done, but it is overwhelming at times. Why must I be a planner?!

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